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i’m so possessive over people but like a quiet possessive because i dont want to be clingy so i kinda just angrily stare at people from afar 

"I don’t know what is happening in my life, nothing seems or feels right to me. I want to live so bad. But I’m so terribly sad. I cry every day for a little while. I wish I knew what to do … I pray that things fall into place."
― Gia, 1960 - 1986 

' Musa Paradisiaca 'Laura @ Marilyn Agency Paris para Indie Magazine por Rosa Rendl ph.

dearest UT,
self-love is something a lot of people associate with accepting yourself as the human being you are, no matter if there’s somebody on your side or not. I agree to that, but being in harmony with your own being is only a part of the whole self-love thing. in my opinion it’s impossible to capture my self-confidence without my boyfriend - because he showed me so many beautiful sides of myself, that I wasn’t able to see right from the start. I know that I’m a goddamn masterpiece like every other individual living on this planet, but that’s a feature I tend to forget about quite often. too often in his opinion. he’s been teaching me about how to love each part of myself instead of only speaking empty words, that won’t matter when I’m alone and there’s no one to repeat them.
It may be a cliche, but I seriously don’t think that you can find all the love for yourself without a little bit help of somebody you truly trust. looking at my boyfriend is like looking into a mirror, he reflects everything I am and so do I.
I guess you know what I’m talking about, cheers to your boyfriend by the way. he seems to do a great job as well.
and cheers to our self-love. with - or without boyfriend/girlfriend.


I know how that feels, there are some things about yourself that you don’t notice or appreciate until another person points it out. This photo is absolutely gorgeous and just super awesome and I will just gush over it forever now. The light is wonderful and you two look so adorable. Ugghhhh this is so good <3


Blur, 1990.


Gloria Marigo

"You are not free until you have no need to impress anybody."

Joyce Meyer (via screeches)

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those songs that start in one earbud and flow into the next